Size Ø 60cm  

The Flower of Life is Sacred Geometry.
It is the perfect representation of order and serves
as a symbol of infinity.
The Flower of Life is a symbol for the Urmatrix
Creation and
all that is.

The origin of this pattern is in the universe and in
our cells. We find Flower of Life representations
anywhere in the world, many have a few thousand years old.
The flower of life in its symbolism corresponds exact to
golden section.
We found out that with the help of the flower of life
the Platonic solids of the pyramid, or cube can be displayed.
Also we found in the 19 counties other demonstrable
and universal
Laws, such as the Pythagorean theorem, the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah, the squaring of
the circle
or Merkaba.
The pattern creates a strong vibration field and has deep harmonizing, energizing and protective effect in all areas.

The paintings are only as original acrylic on canvas with
3D relief pattern from the flower
of life on it in gold, silver
copper available.