God ist Light and Love. Everything is one. Everything is GOD.
God is within us. We are God.


The divine beauty mediated and expressed in art,
touches the soul and allows to contact with the mind in
just a second. It can reconnect and harmonize.

Spiritual Art

The divine beauty as an art any form mediated and
expressed, touch
es the soul and allows in a moment to
contact with the spirit, to be connect and harmonize.






The artist as a spiritual ambassador of light


Art is very important for me and is a basic tool for unfolding the divine plan on Earth. As an artist I see myself as co-creator of
God, I materialize messages of God in visible forms and tangible energies in my paintings. I begin my works with a prayer or meditation, where
I request connection with the spiritual world
and divine guidance. While beeing in a state of unintentional perception I get visions, mediumistic hearings and feelings.
I receive pictures of angels and archangels, masters and
entities of the cosmic hierarchy to which I feel a deep

Divine visions and inspirations have a profound energy,
harmonizing effect  on body, mind and soul and strenthen
human consciousness. My images operate as energy sources
carry divine messages.